I thought I have done a post on the things Jerome says, but apparently not. I am really tardy to update his progress, but mainly because they are so grown now and so aware of their surroundings (yes, including their pictures appearing on ipads/phones etc). In just 7 days, Jerome turns 4 years old. The speed time flies amazes me sometimes.

SO, needless to say, Jerome is… no longer the blabbering toddler that he is. Just the other day, he told me something camouflaged itself which is why we can’t see it. I forgot what the conversation was about, but I remember stopping myself on my tracks and asking myself if i heard it correctly. I know. I give my kid less credit than he is due.

The kid has grown to be someone cheeky, boisterous, greedy, super lazy (on keeping toys) and on some days, still totally a baby. His personality is so different from Jerry, but I so love seeing the 2 of them together. Makes me heart warm and fuzzy.

Anyway, this is about Jerome. More so, the greedy Jerome. Happened on Saturday when we were out having breakfast while Jerry goes for his piano class. We were at Hans and Jerome glanced the fridge and requested for the rainbow cake.

Happy boy that he is.. He had some soft boiled eggs, and then some milo and started on his rainbow cake. Halfway through, he went..

(Jerome) Mummy, I am full already!
(Me) But you haven’t finished the cake. Can you not waste it?
(Jerome) But, I only want to eat the sprinkles only!
(Me) -_-”

Jerome 1, Mummy 0.


I did try to have him finish more bits of the cake so that we will not waste the food, but we were running late to pick Jerry from his class so I left it as that. To be honest, I was laughing when he gave me his reply. Well, I am thankful that at least he is honest!

Hopefully I get to document more of his ramblings here. The 2 kids’ conversations sound so adult this days, I love to eavesdrop on them whether I can. Gives me a peek into their little minds.

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