I have bad sleepers. My kids are good for hyper activeness and their ability to stay awake. They love to play and rejects nap times or bed times, especially when we are at home. I am seriously thinking that our playroom is not a good idea after all. Or maybe it is the idea of having 2 boys. They play catching all day and refused to sleep!

Over the long weekend 2 weekends ago, I was trying to make Jerry sleep on one of the afternoons so that we can head out in the later part of the day. He just kept running and screaming around the house in joy and thinks it is very fun to have mummy chase him down.

I eventually gave up the entire idea and resorted to bribery.

Jerry turning my head to face the sun.

Jerry turning my head to face the sun.

M (Mummy): Jerry, can you go and sleep please? Mummy give you a toy if you go and sleep.
J (Jerry): I don’t want.
M: I want you to go and sleep. I asked you to sleep and you didn’t. I am very upset with you, you know?
J: Mummy, LOOK! *uses his hands to hold my head and turn towards the light source* It’s SUNNY right? So bright, must wake up!

(Before I managed to compose myself and say something)

J: *puts both hands at waist* You understand me anot?! (looks at me in frustration)
M: *attempts to put on a stern face but burst out laughing out loud*

Jerry 1, Mummy 0.

What should I do with this cheeky, witty boy of mine? He irritates the hell outta me most of the time and tests my patience constantly but I have to be stuck with him for the rest of my life. For now, I try to see the positive light of things and bring him up to be a happy boy and hopefully, it would be a lot better when he grows older. I might have been seen as a complaining mum but honestly, he can be quite a sensible boy at times and I wouldn’t change him for anything because he is unique the way he is. And just too cheeky.

Now, can someone dish me some tips on how to put boys to sleep? I have this issue more and more as the boys grow up and reject sleeping, both the afternoon naps and at night! I have tried many things including waking them up earlier in the mornings but they still sleep at past midnight and last night, past 1am.

Hi, I am panda cherieladie. 🙁

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