Things Jerry Says - Mummy, pain pain!

Jerry says, “Mummy, its pain pain!”

For some strange reason, both my kids  have been attacked by a lot of mosquito bites lately. I am guessing that the area around my mum and mother-in-law’s place is infested with mosquitoes and the kids have been coming home with mosquito bites. I personally hate mosquito bites, they are so itchy and they sometimes can itch up to days and more often than not, they leave a mark behind mostly from scratching, and sometimes, the skin just turns darker at the site of the bite and the legs looks spotted.

Today. Jerry is complaining about the mosquito bites on his legs and I wish I can do something for him (except applying some cream/ointment which frankly, doesn’t quite help) and the conversation goes..

J: Mummy, my leg pain pain!
C: Where?
J: Here! (points and show me)
C: What happened?
J: The mosquito bite me. The mosquito naughty. I want to fight the mosquito.
C: The mosquito is so tiny, how do you fight the mosquito?
J: (madly waves his hands around in the air) Grrr…Grraaaa..ahhh! Like that! Grrr…Grraaaa..ahhh! (continues his brandishing)

I just sat there, stunned and burst into laughter. The innocence of children really can bring a lot of joy into our lives. There is just so much to laugh about. And my kid. My dear kid. He constantly reminds me to drop the baggage that I carry along with me unknowingly in the course of life – work, being an adult, and just not being very fun.

I think it is important to be able to drop the baggage we all might carry in our daily lives and learn to laugh at ourselves and simple things. I always think it is important to lead happy, fulfilling lives and yet, I sometimes find myself with a lot of baggage and angst. I am but human but I recognize that and I am constantly trying. I am very very thankful to my kid for this timely reminder today. I have been quite bogged down by a lot of stuff lately, and isn’t very happy in general. And on the day where my husband leaves me to a week of solo parenting, my kid put a reset button in me and teaches me to be a little more positive and I cannot be more thankful for that.

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