Every time I craft the Fashionista post on my blog, I get reminded that yet another month has gone by. There is only 4 more months left for 2014 but it felt like the year just started not too long ago! A friend, R reminded me in my last post that I once quoted to her, “Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.”. I need that reminder again.

August have been a relatively busy month and I didn’t have the chance to take much #ootds actually. If I did, most of them were all seflies. Selfies in the toilet, selfies in the lift, selfies in the mirror in the house. If you realized.. I have been trying to take nicer ootd shots but this month, I land up with mostly selfies because I don’t have time. I’ll try harder next month. Honestly, it isn’t easy to take a nice lifestyle ootd shot when I constantly have 2 kids screaming for attention.

Enuff of text and here’s the ootd pics!

Technically speaking, the above 2 ootds are not taken in the month of August, but in July. I forgot to post them last month so adding them on this month’s list. I love the green skirt that I recently got, adds a nice pop of color into my wardrobe.


This cute Minnie knit dress is actually Kids’ wear from Fox Kids & Baby! I walked past one day and spotted the kiddy version and went inside to check it out. I can fit! I really love it and its so affordable!

The nicest picture for the month of August, taken by Irene. I had to give her a crash course on what to look out for and I think the picture is quite nice! And if you haven’t noticed, it features my new bag! Tri-colored Givenchy Pandora that is gifted to me by the husband for my birthday month. (thank you love!)

I love love love camouflage prints, but a pity that one can’t really wear them too often since it is so recognizable. Got this sweater in Sydney when I was there last year.

The recent gloomy weather and rain gave me the opportunity to start wearing my sweaters. I love sweaters, but the weather in Singapore is seriously too hot to be wearing them frequently.

The last one is taken on a casual Saturday where I was just shopping around town!

Not sure if you noticed, but as usual… I dress up my outfits with a chunky necklace that somewhat steals the limelight. I do have friends asking me where I get my necklaces, but honestly, no where in particular. I just buy every time I happen to see one and it could be anywhere. I do have a few pieces from louvisa, but a lot of the are non-branded and bought in countries like Bangkok, and of cos.. a few pieces of branded ones when they are on sale.

I also had a skirt on repeat here. I don’t have a huge wardrobe of clothes, neither do I have a lot of shopping budget on a monthly basis. In fact, I buy only the really affordable stuff that I can find, so I do a lot of mix and match to create different looks so that I don’t look same old same old all the time. You’ll be surprised how many different sort of looks you can come up with using the same piece of clothing!

Meanwhile, I hope the month of September gives me better health, more strength and more motivation to combat all that’s going on in my life right now.

1st September is also my mum’s birthday. I brought her out yesterday for a meal together with my aunts and I hope she enjoyed herself! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!  It’s also my ex-boss birthday as well, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYDIA! May you both be blessed with great health, happiness and love always.

P.s. if there is any questions that you would love to know about any of the outfits, do drop me a comment! Happy to share what I know, and of cos, happy to exchange tips too. If there is a look that you think I should try out, let me know too! I’m not very adventurous in terms of wardrobe selections (I have a lot of fats to hide), but never try never know! I might just do it! If you want to see more, read the previous fashionista posts here.