I should really blog about Things Jerry Says” more frequently. The kid really says the funniest things all the time. Some of which, is beyond hilarious. So, today’s post is about the footboard. Do you know what is a footboard?

Honestly, I didn’t even realize that the word really exist, because we hardly use it.

Jerry toeing the headboard.

Jerry toeing the headboard. [Picture reenacted while the kid is asleep]  

So, this happened last night when I was putting Jerry to bed. As usual, he isn’t the sort that would just go down and sleep. He will wiggle and roll in bed and do all sorts of stunts in bed, before he can actually drift off to sleep. One habit of his that I totally cannot stand is putting his foot on the headboard, and the fact the he always, I mean ALWAYS sleep in the opposite direction of the bed, like legs where the head is supposed to be…

I decided I have had enough and decided to teach him to sleep properly.

[while pointing to the headboard]
C: Jerry, this is called a HEADboard. It is where your head is supposed to be. Not your feet. Put down your feet and sleep properly.
[Jerry continues toeing the headboard in silence]
C: hey, I said put your feet down and turn around.
[Jerry put his feet down and turns around in the right direction to sleep]
A few seconds later..
J: Mummy, tomorrow can you go buy me a footboard a not?
C: *speechless*

Man, I haven’t totally expected that. First, I am quite sure I never taught him the word footboard, and he probably made the link because I said “Headboard is for the head..“. These days he is also into BUYING everything. I think he thinks all you need is money and you can get anything in exchange for it. Sigh. Gotta work on teaching him more values and undoing some of those weird thinking.

If you are wondering about my reply….

C: No, you don’t need it. Now, stop talking and go and sleep.

Have your kid said something similar? How would you react if you were me? If you enjoyed this, do read about all the other things that Jerry says. You’ll probably enjoy it too!

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