the off site meeting 2 weeks ago. i had been wanting to post all the pictures i have taken using jen’s cammie. i really liked that place a lot, the tranquility, the splashes of blue everywhere, the sea breezes. totally relaxed my mind. ok. definitely not relaxing when during the brainstorming session. but lunch and dinner was good.

on the second day, 6 of us from the entire team went on a banana boat! i’m a little amazed that not many people sat on the banana boat before! jen’s quite funny.. she amused me with the following conversation..

c: i didnt bring any toiletries for bathing.. did you?
j: no. we aren’t going to get wet right? we are sitting on a boat eh! why would we get wet?!
c: huh?! have you been on a banana boat before?!
j: no.
c: do you have any idea what a banana boat is?
j: well, i would expect it to look like a sampan…
c: *burst our laughing* the whole idea of sitting in a banana boat is to fling you into the water.. how can you NOT get wet?!
j: hah!!!!!!

sadly, there were no pictures taken since we were out in the sea, and too far away from the land where everyone else is.. well, my d80 was lying in my bag, but there wasn’t anyone who know how to use it. the only guy that knows is on the boat with me.. oh wells.

i had a lot of fun.. but i was also tearing a lot! because too much salt water splashed into my eyes non-stop, my eyes had to tear to clear the salt away! such is a painful experience but i never once climb onto the speed boat to rest while the rest surrendered from fatigue after being flung off many times. jen is quite fit too! both of us kept going and we mastered the art of not being flung off! the boatman was seriously bored! he kept turning and turning non stop and we kept our balance on the boat while screaming our lungs off at each turn.. he eventually towed us all the way to the dock cos we aren’t falling off the boat! it’s kinda fun and it made me want to go wake-boarding all over again.

ok, photos!

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