At the grand young age of 3yo, Jerry is well acquainted with all the Marvel Superheroes. I find it fascinating that he loves them all, and know them all. I don’t even remember exposing him to all of them yet, but he can recite the names and some bits of their characters at the tip of his tongue.

What about super heroes that is all so fascinating to know, learn and watch? I think it is the fact that they always fight to the end with a never give up attitude, and ALWAYS manages to save the day.

Marvel-superheroesvia source

If only they would come to my rescue when I am still stuck with a pile of work… wouldn’t that be nice? *pop dreaming bubble*

If you think about it, we all do have a superhero in our lives, don’t we? Someone to save our day when things gets rough, someone to be there to put a smile on your face, someone to keep you safe and warm at night, and someone whom you know you can always rely on.

Do you or your kids have that super hero? Here’s ours.

My super hero.

Our super hero.

He’s always there to save the boys’ fingers when it gets caught in the toys, ready to clean up the tornado-swept playroom into something neat and clean, ready to lend a hand to fix up toys, make milk, wash the bottles and put the boys to bed and ensure that they are well snuggled under their blankets when they sleep and so much more.

It may not sound as fun as saving the world and as fascinating to watch but I hope my boys grow up to adore him and yearn to be like him – someone who shares a huge chunk of the household chores, someone who is hands-on with the kids and someone who is ever supportive in most that we do, not just in words, but in actions as well.

Here’s my list of super hero traits that I want in my kids – kindness, compassion, budding positivity, strong moral values and a never say no attitude. 

Sure, there’s a lot more to add to the list but these ones first. Hopefully, mummy here would fare ok. I was reading Wikipedia’s super heroes common traits and can’t help but giggle at the mention of distinctive costume on super heroes.

Super mouse is ready for the day.

Super Jerry is ready for the day. Where are the villains that we are fighting?

Super Jerome is off to chase the bad guys.

Super Jerome is off to chase the bad guys.

Taking a break from chasing the baddies.

Super kids taking a break from chasing the baddies and sharing some laughter together.

How’s this outfit for them? Maybe they need a green cape to go along too! And when the super kids take a break from saving the world…

Super kid rests and have a tea break.

Super kid rests and have a tea break.
“When I’m not saving the world, gimme a biscuit any time.”

Are the villains causing trouble? I'm not done with my biscuits.

“Eh, are the villains causing trouble again? I’m so not done with my biscuit.”

“Mummy, can you go take over my super hero shift? I need to finish my biscuit”

Oh so cute. Meanwhile, the bigger super kid already has plans! He gets his bike for some action.

Cheeky Jerry picks up his bike to change after the villains.

Cheeky Jerry picks up his bike, ready for some villain chasing.

Someone's got swag. Even while riding a bike.

Someone’s got swag. Even while riding a bike.

Hello mummy! Are you done dreaming? I need my milk...

*knock knock* Hello mummy! Are you done dreaming? I need my milk…

Mummy, can I be a super hero too?

Mummy, I want to grow up and be a super hero!

Raising super hero kids can be kinda tough, but I say, start them with easiest and fit them with the outfit first! Pumpkin Patch Kids now carries this super cute range of I am a superhero! and Streets of Gotham City! to style up your kids as superheroes and they are oh so cute! Don’t miss them out!

Disclaimer: This is part of a series of sponsored post with Pumpkin Patch. My kids are lovingly clothed by them in this post. All thoughts, opinions and super heroes lookalike are of my own and any similarity is purely coincidental.