very random..

met siew yin on the train back home the other day! kinda excited to see her and chat with her..

i got a 2cm big blister on my ankle knuckle and its darn painful. ouch!

jap class was very hectic last nite with only 3 students attending. (gosh! where did the rest go to?)

im starting to get busier recently at work.

im down with a nagging cold and i wish im back at home in bed!

im falling asleep on my desk.

– – – – – – –

i know i havent been updating my blog much. or rather updating it with more information abt me. it seemed to me, that i do not have anything to write on it anymore. Oops! actually, it’s cos im more conscious on what i write here now. my life has been quite exposed recently.

time to work on my stuff. will update when i have the inspiration soon.