getting busier..

i havent had the time to blog for the past few days. its been hectic. and i have abt 30mins to blog watever i can and i’m gonna be out of the office for the rest of the day. got to bring the new operations guy around to the outlets and introduce him to the outlet personnels.

im suffering from a really bad tummyache. i wonder what i ate wrong. took some medication and im still feeling pale and weak. -urgh- (wonder yee tat is feeling the same way too.. we ate the same dinner last nite!)

the weekend passed me by before i could really catch up with my sleep. in fact, i think im more worn out over the weekends. spent sat nite at david’s house for steamboat dinner and snooker thereafter into the wee hours of the nite.

slumped into bed ard 7am on sunday morning and woke 4 hours later to get ready for sentosa. the sun wasnt entirely cooperative, but thankfully it didnt rain on us. brought mum, 3goo and small yee to unique seafood at turf city for dinner and ended up really late back home. would have collapsed immediately if i had a bed to myself.

i ended up struggling to keep awake till 2.30am in the morning and waited for my uncle to give my bed back to me. they are due to fly off at 7am in the morning. he didnt and i just shoved him aside and plonked myself on the usually unoccupied side of my queen size bed.

i feel so much like garfield. i HATE mondays! i havent had the time to work on my jap for weeks. and im so tired each time i take jap class. and i ALWAYS feel so drained by the time i get home on mondays. i wonder how much longer i can keep this up.

here are some of the photos taken over the weekend..

my colleagues!!
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steamboat dinner..
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