you wouldnt believe it. what i just it. what a stupid blunder. what a stupid mouth and what a stupid brain.

as usual, the office is REALLY quiet. and i was slowing nodding off to dreamland at my desk while reading blogs. blogs of people whom i do not know personally. blogs that are actually pretty famous in the blogging community. but no, hell no. im not going to reveal whose blogs i was reading. not that the blogs aint interesting, i cant relate to them and slowly slowly, the Z monster is winning the battle, bringing me to dreamland.

things doesnt help much especially since there is no one around me within a now 7 metre radius (used to be 3m. cld be more, cant really tell), and there’s no one to talk to, unless i shout or use the telephone. i cant listen to music either. sigh.

and i really couldnt stop my head from nodding no matter how straight i sat. and so, i left my work station and went downstairs to the reception table, found a corner and huddled there on 2 chairs to snooze.

just when i was making myself comfortable and trying to set up the environment with the help of my colleague to prevent anyone from seeing me dozing there, i was stumped to find myself staring in the face of you-know-who. oh god! i didnt know how to react, and i was STILL lying down!

my colleague & i got a shock. oh shucks.. and then without either of us saying anything, he left. without a single word. i cant imagine what thoughts ran through his head tho. he didnt see me initially. he came quietly and stood there quietly. and then my stupid mouth blabbered something to my colleague and i caught his attention. there, a simple case of stupidity.

and i was going.. oh shit.. oh shit.. how how?? i doubt there’s nothing else better to do now than pretending nothing has happened. and yes, im wide awake now.

(and so, the word got out to the rest of my colleagues within minutes and they were all laughing their asses off. 1 even suggested that i should sleep in toilet since you-know-who wont be able to enter. -sigh- )