fuckity fuck..

ring any bell? yes, that was my msn yest. im not going to explain what happened.. but i have something to say to someone.

dont u ever listen? didnt i already tell u where i thought it would be before u asked me time and time again. yes, u have been bugged by someone else. but that, doesnt give u a reason to raise ur voice at me and keep bugging me?

what do u want to me do? corner me till i decide to lie? and stop blaming abt me shouting when u raised ur voice at me first. u got a temper and i got a nastier one. im pretty good at slamming doors too. that, u should know. the only difference is that im more sane and wont do crazy things.

u owe me an apology. it doesnt mean that i decided to answer ur call this morning means u are forgiven. i’m still waiting for the apology and the thank u for the hokkien mee.

enuff said. i’ll wait. no matter how long u’ll take.