waiting for lunch..

i am so b o r e d..

yes. u heard me. these days, my daily ritual when i come to work is..
make myself a cup of milo..
sit down and blog surf…
wait for lunch..
do a bit of work after lunch (not that there’s much to do)..
msn all the whole day..
start packing my stuff at 5.05pm..
5.30pm sharp or earlier, disappear out of sight.

so, anyone wanna take up my job?

had a family dinner with wei’s dad + siblings last sat nite at qi guai hai sian at turf city.. woah.. first time. pretty cool experience and i was going.. “wow” at all the seafood. i wanted to try the really huge cockle.. but i didnt dare to say a thing. i had fun looking at all the seafood.. i love aquatic life since i was a kid.. and i remembered my dad bringing me to this aquatic musemum thingy to see all the electric eels and stuff.

met the girls after the dinner at david’s place to check out the wedding photos and video.. and played mahjong till 5am in the morning.. Oops! sped home driving wei’s car and he’s long already in dreamland..

here’s the group photo of the table i sat at ivy’s wedding.. and i did some photoshop to include myself there!!

before editing

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

after editing.. ta ta!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ahhh.. the wonders of photoshop! -wink-

i got to admit it’s not very well done. im a tad too bright with the setting.. but its hard when everyone that walks past my desk starts poking their heads and ask questions like who’s that? who’s wedding? is that your bf? bla bla bla. nosey parkers. sometimes its really annoying when i want to be alone. worst still, how do u deal with one with really bad breath that each time he talks, i have the urge to vomit?

maybe i can work on it further when i have more free time.. back at home. maybe, next week when i am done with the sorting of spain photos. im still struggling to see all the photos.. 2 more days to go. running short of time since got to get the photos developed, sorted and place them in albums before grandpa’s 90th bdae this weekend. so it’ll be a while that i do collages to show again.

it’s almost time for lunch. super hungry.. blog later. ciao!