It’s my birthday again. The last one still felt so recent. I am on leave because I don’t really like to work on my birthday! But I forgot to silent the phone when I went to bed the night before and the day started with the phone beeping non stop from my group chats with greetings from 7am onwards. *goans*

This year, I made plans to visit the TCM (gotta heal my leg fast for Nepal) and plonked myself at Starbucks for a couple of hours to do work (no choice) and waited for hubby to come pick me up to spend the afternoon together and have dinner. It was just that – simple.

Amongst the simple things, there is one particular incident that I really wanted to remember and put it down on the blog.

Jerry bought me his first present with his own money and drew me a surprise card. 

Last weekend, when Jerry found out that it’s my birthday, he asked Daddy to bring him out to buy mummy a present while I was in the room. He was trying to whisper but it was audible from the room I was in.

Jerry: Papa!  I want to go buy mummy a present. It’s her birthday! Shhhh.. don’t tell her ah, I want to buy her a Hello Kitty soft toy! 

Der very nicely obliged, helped him take out some of his savings and put it into a small bag so that Jerry can sling it on his shoulder. I was lazy to go out but decided not to disappoint so I went along (and I don’t really want a Hello Kitty soft toy, but I didn’t tell Jerry that). We went to the mall, and Jerry went to the Sanrio section and started picking items for me. Many of them are beyond his budget and I had to explain that he doesn’t have enough money in his bag. He only had $6.80 but one of the items he picked was a hello kitty hair tie which was $8.90. It was also about the only thing that I can accept and possibly not let it go to waste so I told him I really liked that and I would like that as a present. I was just trying to influence but I wanted him to be able to make the decision himself. We eventually settled for that.

The boys went to pay. Der brought Jerry through the process of buying the item – getting a memo from Sanrio counter, queuing at the cashier, emptying his small bag (Der carelessly threw in some more to make up the difference) at the counter, watching the coins being counted and the realisation of his bag being empty was a precious experience. He was a little sad that he has no more money in the bag, and Der asked if he was sad. He was, but he say he wanted to buy me the present because he loves me (awwwww…. *melts).

When we got home, I took the opportunity to ask him about his experience and asked if the items in the mall are all very expensive to buy. I wanted to relay the concept of the value of an item in him. The kids are constantly asking for presents (they are always spoiled with presents because they are so well loved) and I was trying to find a way to tell them I don’t have infinite money to spend and presents is not something they should always expect to have or ask for. I think he might have learned something that day.




The present meant the world to me. Not the monetary value of it, but the intrinsic value of the whole experience for Jerry. I hope he learns to appreciate his toys more, appreciate the value of people giving him a gift, and appreciate their thoughts behind it. Meanwhile, every time I wear this hair tie, it probably would bring a smile to me.

And oh, the surprise card! I came home tonight and Jerry fished a card out of his bag and gave it to me. He even had his toy rabbit in the picture, complete with a carrot! 



This kid, he is surely going to melt the hearts of many girls in the future. He sure melted mine. Der claimed credit and said he gave instructions to the kid to draw me a card. I then found out from Jerry that my MIL helped him with the card (thanks ma!).

Of cos, how can I forget the really sweet husband. Some weeks back, he came back with this! I look super excited in the picture but the truth is, I was finally well enough to open the present after staying in bed for almost a week with high fever. And it is not really the value of the present but the thought that went behind the present which really warms my heart.  Well, he told me I am not getting any more presents with this, but he still bought me a necklace today when I wanted to pay for it. Hee hee hee. #happygirl 


The day went by in a flash, I bought myself some clothes (because it’s my birthday) and had dinner with the husb at a surprise location which turns out to be Brazil Churrasco. Came home and accidentally spoiled my surprise by walking into the kitchen with the husband holding a cake and a lighter in his hand. We all ended the day with a durian cake (yummy!) and loads of birthday songs! Totally love my boys!





Life is awesome. It really is. I count my blessings and would like to thank each and every one of you who made the effort to spare a minute or so to wish me happy birthday. I hope I did manage to reply to each and everyone of you individually, because I wanted to show my deep felt appreciation. Thank you, thank you all of you for making this day a memorable one.


(don’t ask me how old I am)