feeling upset..

i don’t know what’s wrong with me this morning. i feel lethargic and sleepy. prob coz i didnt wash my hair this morning so there isnt the “refreshed” feeling that i always feel.

it’s such a cold morning and i woke up shivering. i woke up pretty early, but ended up late at work, forgot to bring my lunch and forgot to bring the sports shoes that i helped samantha buy! not to mention that i cut myself earlier while trying to trim my eyebrow. argh! now, im feeling hungry, sick in the stomach, in pain and shivering despite having a shawl draped all over me.

what a way to start a week, especially one that i have been looking forward to. spent friday playing badminton with samantha and joycelyn at chong pang cc after work. Played only 1 hour cos a 2 hr slot wasnt available. and gosh, i didnt know badminton was that HOT! i tried booking all the sports halls and cc from choa chu kang all the way to yio chu kang and chong pang is the only place that has a 1 hr slot available. the rest, all FULLY booked!!

dinner was at the famous chong pang hawker centre.. haha.. had my favourite wantan noodles (been having that since i was in primary school!) and the seat was dripping with all my sweat and slime. heheh.. i was really wet after that 1 hour workout and was literally sliding off the seat.. pity the person who took my seat right after me.

spent the rest of the nite at home resting and clearing some part of my room.. chucking junk that i never use.

i hate sat morning when i had to work and last weekend was one of those. literally chatted and played game the whole time other than the last 1.5hr. headed off to far east plaza to rebond my hair at Hair Plus Studio after work. i must say they are really good in rebonding but they dont come cheap. but one thing about them is that they spend time checking out your hair and will treat different parts of the hair differently and will use different chemicals for the different parts. for example, they had to treat my virgin hair (chemical free hair), my dyed hair and my bleached hair with different chemicals. not to mention that they painstakingly seperate out the different hair textures, apply the chemicals to the different sections and using paper to seperate each layer of the hair so that the chemicals wont mix. it’s not like some salons where they use one type of chemical for the whole head even tho u have different hair texture all over.

the result? 7 straight hours in the salon with sunflowers blooming on my butt. but i must say, im impressed with the result. for those who didnt know, bleached hair should never be rebonded cos it will just break the hair. not only mine didnt break, but it looked better and neater.

wei came to fetch me from the salon for dinner. heh.. think its so sweet for him to do that. he had to PR when he came and work at answering questions, etc.. cos the salon happen to be one of his clients.. (why do u think im there??)

the nite died away at Que n Que (marina south) where i pitted my snooker skills against 4 other guys at number ball. gosh! i cant see a thing when my rebonded fringe cover my eyes when i try to take aim.. but thank god.. i didnt lose a lot of money.

spent sunday lazing around.. something struck me that day. i suddenly realize that wei’s mum started singing my praises. for the whole of sunday, she’s been saying that i’m so good and fast at ironing compared to her.. that im good at computer and can teach.. that i can double up as a “hair stylist” since i was dyeing wei’s hair.. i felt so weird!! at the back of my mind, im wondering if she’s plotting a ploy to get me to do more housework.. hehe. i know im mean to say that, but somehow i cannot accept such a change after these years.

Hmmm.. i hope the week flies pass soon cos i wanna get out of this rut im in! i wish sunday will come sooner. ivy’s wedding!! really excited.. and my trip!! -starts day dreaming-