Im super tired today! despite the lack of sleep for the last few days, i know i should head for bed early.. but i just cant.. sometimes.. there are many things in life that is beyond our control..

here’s what happenend yesterday.. i headed for retail therapy last nite with jac.. swipe swipe and swipe.. gawd.. bought 3 3/4 pants, 1 long pants, a couple of tops.. and some other stuff.. spent at least 250 bucks man! but.. i wanted to buy more.. just didnt have the time.

headed home @ 11.40pm, was in a daze and missed my train stop! what the hell was i thinking!?!

aunt + uncle came from the states today, and uncle from KL came to fetch them.. so my house is having a big party.. loads of talking, eating, shouting.. gave up my room to my uncle.. took my boi + ger and headed to mum’s room and slept at 4+.. at around 7, the alarm clock pisses the hell out of me. struggled like a drunkard, walking around the house trying to find my balance.

aching body. suxs.

at work. super suxs.

i want to sleep! have decided to head straight home to sleep today after work.. then hopefully can meet toto for a game, or someone else to head for more retail therapy.

wanting to upload the stuff i bought, but another day la huh.. *yawns*