Tiring but fulfilling..

rushed to school after work, but had time to spare for dinner tho.. then classes was quite intensive as there were only 5 of us today.. it wasnt before long before its my turn to read.. and i realised something that the teacher liked to do! he liked to asked me to read the notes out aloud and then he explain after i finished reading! and i havent seen anyone do that other than me!! *puzzled*

anyway, class went past quickly coz it was intensive.. headed back home, changed and headed for a funeral. Simon’s (my super long fren since dinosaur time – primary 1) father passed away.. i havent been really close to him, but im glad that i went today.. got to talk to a couple of people who i aint so close to back in school.. and i met pei!! yeah!! miss her so much man.. so hard to see her.. 🙂

am so tired now. eyes closing. anyway, before the eyes shut the world out.. here’s some of the photos taken some time back but i havent had time to upload..

took this while spring cleaning over the last weekend.. here’s PART my collection of bags.. these are the words to describe it.. massive.. enormous.. humongous. do tell me if you have frens who have more bags than me, i’ll like to meet the person.

here are the photos that i took before samantha left for maternity leave. didnt had many.. she’s quite reluctant to take photos with her massive weight.. but it’s now NO MORE!

okie.. time for bed.. i wanna be in dreamland right now.. hopefully can dream of water.. calm surroundings..

Oh! got to pack for yoga tomorrow! *faint*