feeling down..

It’s an unpleasant day in the office and i dont wish to talk about it.. somehow it sets me thinking of myself.. my personality.. my character.. the kinda image that i unknowingly project to people.. i wonder how it is like.. to be someone and viewing me from afar.. how it is like.. to be a friend of mine..

for those of you reading my blog.. mind dropping a couple of comments on me? Good/bad comments.. i’m all ears..

I worked late in the office today.. left only when my colleagues left.. my work not done even though it’s supposed to be sent out tomorrow.. but i left anyway.. cant trust to work in the office alone.. there are many male sabah workers dwelling in the office building and since its in the industrial park.. it’s almost deserted at night.. hardly can see a soul in sight..

am still trying to recover from the fatigue that i accumulated over the last week + the weekend.. getting sick really soon.. throat inflammed once again..

Oops.. got to leave the house to meet this buyer.. maybe i’ll do a little retail therapy to perk myself up! *grinz*