painful butt..

I almost couldnt believe it myself.. i sat in a salon for 7 straight hours!! my butt hurts so much.. and legs are numb from sitting too much..

i rebonded my hair @ Hair Plus Salon (Far East Plaza Level 2) today.. i was really satisfied with the results tho.. my poor hair has been through so many hair shows in the past and it’s so badly damaged that not many stylists would dare to rebond it for me.. imagine having virgin hair, bleached hair and colored hair all mixed up.. and there are so many steps to prevent more damage to the hair..

despite the long hours i sat in there.. and the expensive price that i had to pay(coz i did color touch-up and many treatments for my poorly damaged hair).. my hair looks so much neater now.. and healthier.. i would definitely recommend anyone who wants to go for rebonding to go there.. i know perming is the trend now.. but not everyone suits that kind of hairstyle.. haha..

poor wei.. he was sitting there waiting patiently for 7 straight hours for me to finish rebonding my hair.. thanks dar.. i know you have been bored to death and wasted one whole precious day doing nothing there..

anyway, it’s time for bed.. brother bugging me to return his computer.. and i need to fulfil my resolution of sleeping early…