Shopping Spree..

Been spending the past three days doing more housework than i have done in months.. Had to help my aunt clean the house.. wash her car in the freezing cold and doing so much dishes that my hands smell of dish washing liquid all the time…Oh yes.. and all that laundry from the Florida trip..Uncle and my aunt has to get on with their work and didnt really have much time to take us around.. Uncle drove us to a destination each day and left us there to explore and came to pick us up at night.. Went downtown seattle.. pike place market.. many many shopping malls.. bought so much stuff each day that my shoulders are aching.. and i’m really overspending way too much.. running into credit already.. that’s real bad.. considering that i have more than a week here to survive.. have to make a collage of the pictures that i have taken before i post it here.. Too many photos and i dont have anymore space to host them already..

Oh.. i went car shopping today.. uncle wants to get a new car… and i sat in my dream car… a lexus rx 330.. Wow.. so nice.. hee.. wanted to take it out for a ride when someone came to inform us that it has just been sold a minute ago.. Darn! Already started the engine already.. Should have stepped on the accelerator before that lady knocked on the window..

Anyway, i cant believe how good the sales of that car is.. They sold three of those cars in the 35 minutes we were there and left us with no more cars to test drive.. So disappointing.. *pout*

Anyway, it was pretty tiring having to go to so many different car dealers to check out different cars.. and by the time it’s dinner.. everybody is so tired that dinner was a quiet affair.. Had to pack my luggage tonight again.. heading towards Las Vegas early next morning.. the flight is at 7.15am.. had to wake in a couple of hours time and i probably wont be able to update my blog in the next 2 days…