Lucky Lucky Me..

Las Vegas..

Was really tired after only 40 mins nap that i took for the night before vegas.. Flight was at 7.20am in the morning and had to wake really early. Didnt really have the time to pack my stuff.. by the time i was woken up by someone.. i had only 10 mins to prepare and get out of the house.. didnt have time to do anything.. just washed up and grabbed my haversack.. threw in a couple of clothings and headed to the car where the icy cold wind almost killed me..

Woke me up instantly and the feeling is pretty miserable… tried to sleep in the ride to the airport.. but it was really uncomfortable. Slept in the plane all the way to vegas on Southwest Airlines.. This is a very interesting airline to be on.. it’s more of an informal atmosphere and the flight attendants are joking as they give you instructions and stuff like it.. it’s pretty funny and one can really hear the whole plane roaring with laughter.. Atypical compared to the all of the rest of the airlines i have taken before..

Landed in Vegas and i was fascinated by the amount of slot machines they have everywhere.. it’s really everywhere.. they have it in the waiting lounges of the airport.. the hotels.. the rest rooms.. it’s virtually everywhere and it’s really a gambler’s paradise..

At Aladdin in Vegas.. there was this really nice car to be won at the slot machines.. Uncle and aunty each gave me a quarter to play at it.. press the button and i won more credits.. I pressed it the second time and i won more credits.. Pressed it a third time and wasnt really looking at my screen when my aunty let out a yell.. i turned and i looked.. Oh my god.. had triple 7 and it was just the second price to that car. anyway, won 250 dollars for just putting in 50 cents seemed so much a great deal and i cashed out the money immediately.. haha.. machine wasnt able to pay my winnings so i had to wait for the cashier to pass me the money..

I guess im really lucky.. for just that three times.. after that, i only won a bit here and there.. and lost quite a bit here and there.. Gambling goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Las Vegas.. Every moment.. someone is losing and someone is winning money either at the tables or at the slot machines..

Stayed at Flamingo and had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown.. It’s was really good.. There’s really nothing much to do there in Vegas other than gambling.. The stuff in most of the shops are really expensive.. nothing much worth to buy.. Other than that, one can only either check out the topless shows that they have all over place or gamble at all the hotels lobby..

There’s nothing much that i wanted to do in Vegas other than to visit the Hard Rock Cafe..Went for a topless show at the hotel the next day and indulged in more gambling.. Huisi tried her hands at the slot machines too.. but lost all of the little money she assigned for gambling.. It’s really good to set aside a fix amount meant for gambling there.. if not, the gambling will become compulsive and it’s really hard to stop.. Checked out at 3pm and headed for Hard Rock Cafe.. The place that i have been bugging my uncle to bring me to.. 🙂

Headed for the airport after that and slept the way home back to seattle.. Been flying around so much that im so sick of it.. especially when im pretty prone to motion sickness…