4.5 months ago.. i was skiing in the states and tore a ligament. the process of “getting my legs” back was torturous, and a struggle with pain.

last sat, i bought myself new blades. last sun, i went blading with wei. we chose the wrong place to go, and i couldnt get use to the speed of my new blades. i fell badly and skidded across the floor even before i started blading.

the phobia hit me once more as i slided down the slope. due to the fear of straining/injuring my right ligament, i didnt dare to brake when my blades started rolling down the slopes by themselves. at the very moment i rolled down the extremely steep slope, i felt the same feeling i had when i was skiing. it was so scary, and after the fall, i was scared shitless, bleeding all over and refused to move on my blades.

wei was shocked to see me so shaken up. i was on the verge of tears, not due to the pain.. but the fear of not being able to bring myself to brake. i didnt dare to use my right leg at all! anyway, i tore my brand new nike running top, had abrasions on both my arms, my back, my butt and my entire right leg.


i suffered 2 days of pain, sleepless nights and clothes sticking to my wounds. today, i am at it again. spent the day blading up and down east coast with my cousins. from 11am+ all the way till 8pm.. i am so amazed at my legs. on the other hand, i just never quite learn huh. i’m still quite a sucker for dangerous stuff.

alrighty. time for some snooze. *yawns*

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