i skipped jap class last night cos i was still in the office struggling to make headway of the stuff i had to do. i was one of the last few to leave the office and had to scramble out because i dont have the key to lock the place up.

turns out, i crashed into yuxiong’s dinner date with branson, who incidentally was my “SHY” colleague who sat across me in the last 2 weeks but havent spoken a word to, except on my first day with a “hi” and a firm handshake.

it all started weird, cos i knew he was a friend of yuxiong, and he prob. knew the same thing. yet, we dont talk at all in the office. just moments before yuxiong is popping by to fetch us, i got his msn addy from yuxiong and added him.

and we started conversing via msn even though we are just right across. i was so bloodily amused by the whole incident that i was giggling madly in my cubicle, trying to stifle my laughter and turning into a red beetroot so that he doesnt hear me.

smart? apparently not so. came along another colleague who walked in between us (which is the common walkway), stared and me and asked on the top of her voice why i look so silly laughing so hard here in my cubicle. i tried to silence her by putting a finger to my lips only to induce more comments from her about it. she went, “huh? its pretty obvious right? u laugh until like that!”

just a simple, innocent comment turned into embarrassment for me. haha. of cos, i dont blame her since she doesnt know the “secret agenda”, but i was thoroughly embarrassed that i dont know what to say to him even more! i dont think i had that much trouble speaking up to any guy before.

well, everything was more or less forgotten when we hopped into yuxiong’s car. he made me myself again, and i found my voice and nasty humour. he, too, became very chatty and the images of the SHY GUY is no where to be found.

dinner was good but expensive at secret garden, which took yuxiong a few rounds around the area, and a suicide act turning into a one way street, and a call to jacklyn to find the restaurant. it’s also a little WET (no no, dont think dirty) cos yuxiong and me sat in front of this water spilling urn that splatter water every now and then! Grrr.. and the guys didnt believe me when i said i experienced water droplets all over until yuxiong got his whole tee wet without realising it. haha.

ended the night with games at mind’s cafe. a really short time but loads of laughters nonetheless. happy. 🙂

we sent branson home first, before it’s my turn. and just as we turn out to lentor, yuxiong took a small bag outta his pocket and gave it to me. i opened it up and realised its the pair of pretty earrings that i commented i like the last time we were out. Wow. i was a little shocked with the gesture.. but it just reminded me of ant. how nice..

and now, branson and me arent talking to each other again! how weird right? it just that, our paths dont cross and we dont need to work with each other.

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