since I last blogged about the gynae visit to check on the spotting , I was given 3 days mc to rest and the assurance that everything should be fine.

I don't think I ever heave a bigger sigh of relief ever when I heard the heartbeat going strong at the gynae's office.

its been more than 2 weeks since the visit but the spotting has been happening on a regular basis despite the hormonal pills that I have been popping daily. it hasn't been much and neither has it been fresh red so I'm acting all cool and just hoping for the best.

I'm feeling very tired and knocking out before midnight strikes so I take it that the baby is stilll draining me out and is growing healthily.

another 2 weeks to go before the Oscar scan. keeping my fingers very crossed.

I thought about telling everyone around me about the pregnancy since I do know a lot of my friends/fellow bloggers who are also preggers (you know who you are) with very close edd dates as mine and I would love to share my joy with them too. unfortunately, I'm really not quite confident about this so I decided that I shall only announce when its safe. don't want the chance to go through any disappointment. even my mum doesn't know about it yet!

so yeah, if you read this.. this is the explanation why my blog is virtually dead. am very very tired to even cope with the chores at home, lest forking out the time and energy to blog.