we spent Saturday at home just bumming around because it was raining so heavily and it was a good opportunity to wind down from allĀ  the rest of the activities we had from weeks before.


and we let jerry open up one of this birthday presents as a treat. yes, we are still having the stash of birthday presents unwrapped and sitting in a corner of my room. we are rationing them slowly giving him one every alternate week so that it’ll last him a while without us buying new toys for him. (learnt the useful tip from ..thanks babe!)


this is a self-fix Thomas the train that comes with a screw driver to put the parts together, courtesy of my cousin-in-law, Mabel & family. its for aged 3 and up but interestingly, he can fit the screwdriver into the holes correctly but doesn’t know how to turn the screwdriver yet. and of cos, he doesn’t know how to put the train together. derrick helped him with him while he observed and I think he kinda grasped the concept. he’s loving it poking the screwdriver into all the correct places and guess what’s his favourite toy now? yes, its the screwdriver! he brings it everywhere!

its fun watching a kid play and see what goes into their minds or how they problem solve!


and for the record, he is still wearing that customised romper I bought for him for his 1st month party.. and yes, that’s how tiny my baby still is!