why is it that people always have the notion that i have to be with my bf all the time? (especially when it is almost a CONTRARY in reality?) why is it that people always ask me abt my guy when i ask them out?

does everyone thinks that the moment one is attached, the time must be reserved for the boyfriend and its a sin to hang out with my own friends? when i shrug my guy aside, people always think there is some problem with the relationship?

aiyoh! gimme me a break please!! i need to have time with my friends too. i need to enjoy myself too. my world does not ONLY revolve around him. i have my own life, my own interests, my own friends and STOP ASKING about my guy or question the relationship when i ask you out okie?

i simply seek a simply reply. yes, you can make or no, you cant make it. simple as that.

if i take the initiative to ask you out, it SIMPLY means that im FREE. is that so hard to understand?