jerry’s hair has finally grown out after many many months…  after that horrible hair cut in feb.. if you recall, he looked like the photo below.

it took him 3 months to grow it out and look a bit decent. decided that its time for a slight trim since he’s turning 2, and starting childcare next week. this time round, i made sure the usual stylist is around! no more chances..

cannot sit still boy. he startd all proper with the cover and ended up with nothing because he kept tugging for it to come off. i think he hates the velcro thats prickinghim at the back of his neck. at some point in time, he even put his leg up and pick his nose… omg!! he only kinda settle down after i gave him the water spray to play.. and he kept squirting himself in the face. super hilarious to watch.


the stylist was wondering why he hasnt saw us for sooooo long. and he cringed when i saw him the picture after his bad haircut. lol.

done! i instantly missed his long hair. heh. well, at least the husband says he’s handsome.