in case you are wondering why my blog posts are irregular and mostly at weird timings, its because i cannot find enough pockets of time to write a decent blog post unless the kids are asleep. or, when i am letting jerry have a little tub play like above.. which is what is happening RIGHT NOW.


he just had a haircut and he was rather well behaved so i thought i’ll reward him with some water play (or rather, myself since im using the time to blog).


i wanted to start jotting down notes about our kids, things that happened or developments that i noticed.. mostly for the husband’s benefits because with 2 kids, we dont have enough time to talk.. or talk without interruptions. i decided to put them on my blog, also for the benefit of friends and relatives, so they can know or find out more.


and so, the title – mummy’s notes.

in recent months, jerry has decided that he doesnt want to sit in the stroller anymore and wants to push it instead. i know i noted that in my earlier entries but this is about something else.


i usually indulge the kiddo and let him push the stroller when we are in safe territories, and by that, i mean no open drains, no cars, no traffic lights, no roads etc. mostly he pushes them along the corridors or to the void decks. when we head out and we are approaching a road or carpark, i would force him in his seat or bribe him with cookies or savory treats (vit c gummies) and buckle him in… and at the same time.. pointing to the cars and telling him that he cannot walk by himself because there are cars. i usually would also wait for a passing car and point to it while saying, just for the effect.


today, he surprised me at the usual block where i normally strap him in. he stopped the stroller, and climbed in himself.. and beckon for me to buckle him up.


*proud mummy moment* you bet i was grinning ear to ear.

ok. better bathe the kiddo now. he has been soaking for far too long.