sometimes, i really hate it that there are so much to do.. things happen in a flurry, you don’t have much time to think about the things you want to do.. you decide and head for it and hope everything falls in place as you struggle to keep the pace.

days like that passes us by very fast. before we know it, it’s gone and irrevocable. are there times, where there are decisions you had made and regretted?

for some, there are no regrets. some people just look forward.

as the pace slows down a little for me these days, and having more time to myself.. i did a little pondering. on the many episodes that happened in my life, for all the things i have done, the decisions i made, the people i have hurt, and who i am in reality.

i came to realise something that i had not known before. having a sense of belonging and security is important. knowing where i will be where i see myself in the future is important. i need to feel important in others’ plans.. knowing that i’ll play a part of it or could play a part of it.

having said that, there is no turning back. sometimes, i wish things could be simpler.. and people not that easily hurt.

anyway, it’s a beautiful sunday.. i finished the book i started reading on friday. shall just laze and find something meaningful to occupy my time before the flurry of the week begins.. yet again.

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