as usual, work is hectic and draining. more so this weekend cos i was due for 4 store checks.

i swam my tuesday night away at jen’s condo. the initial part was a little painful cos i havent swam laps at all since the operation and i pushed myself that night, desperately wanting my legs to feel a little stronger. i feel ok at the end of it all, with no aches. i definitely feel better about myself and want this to happen more.

wednesday nite, bala!! i am officially the last person of the entire group to blog about it. met wwenzz, decazz, pishako, i_believe, zazoom, simoncool for a chill out sesh. havent met some of the girls for the longest time ever since i started work. our timings just didnt seemed to match, and i havent had ANY time to chat with them on the net these days. kenneth and gary joined us too. i roped in my colleague lynette cos she’s never been there before.

the night was sucha blast! i had a little too much but had loads of fun! got branson and raf to join me there. wow whee!! we kept snapping pictures, posing and playing silly games. music was great, but the company’s better! we shall do this again, shall we?

anyway, lynette‘s hooked! she kept asking me if im heading there again and enthusiastically proposed the days that we can go again. i feel such a villain (bringing a small kid up the wrong way), especially since she puked after she got off the cab on the way back.

here’s so decent peektures!

some not so decent ones can be found here!!

friday whizzed by at work, had a quick dinner with raf @ 来来红烧牛肉面包 before popping by central mall to grab the car from wei.

(not very nice if you ask me. i prefer the one at scotts foodcourt anytime!)

spent the entire weekend enjoying myself. will blog abt the weekend when i have more time.. am feeling a little tired now..

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