i’m gonna be so disconnected from the world of computers and internet for the next 2 days. i would be expecting myself to suffer withdrawal symptoms from the net. so what’s good? putting aside my boring office wear and gonna skip happily in my long neglected jeans for classes at tanglin shopping mall. am going on course for the next 2 days at tanglin.

shopping malls here i come! 🙂

a swimming date with fio in the evening at jalan besar. i want to feel like a fish!!

and oh. my tummy’s feeling crummy. though i have been spared from diarrhea like my bro/mum and wei.. it’s aint a good feeling. the seafood we ate at newton on saturday could be bad. it’s either my digestive system is slow, or it’s stronger. i have a feeling its slow, cos my tummy’s feeling really ODD now.


time for bed. nite folks!

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