with my supposedly dinner appointment cancelled and me being a pack of lazy bones, i am home alone today.

the family have set off for grandpa’s place in rengam before day break (damn! should have gone along if i knew the appointment will be cancelled). i feel guilty for being so busy and not visiting my grandparents as much as i should, even though each time, i look forward to the glorious food galore there. the family wont be back till tomorrow, and with the boy in europe.. life is suddenly very still at the moment, especially with the change of plans.

nonetheless, i have set aside a whole list of to-do items for myself, the house, some preparations/research for the big day, and i am due for another trip to the salvation army either tonight or tomorrow because i wanted to clear out more junk.

in home notes, my room has been flooding over the last 2 days due to the rain. no, not a case of windows not being shut but the wood around the aircon ‘hole’ seemed to be giving way and the water are seeping in. this resulted in much distress on my end, because i had to throw away a lot of stuff, my story books are soaked (every single page), my base/legs of my cupboards are giving way and i have to clear out everything.

what a way to start the new year, but i guess its good. because it’s water! the chinese believes that having water is good fortune! i guess its good because it becomes a mandate for me to clear out my stuff and it will be much easier for me when its time for me to move. so all looking good and staying positive!

the boy’s birthday came and went in a whizz. i didn’t have much time to react/plan because i was so swarmed with everything else, plus the fact that the boy is also very busy with work, late working nights, our shoot (the day before his birthday), and his work trip (he flew off on his birthday), and pretty much left us with not much time. and whatever initial plans that i had planned for months ago went down the drain simply because he had to travel and there were just too much happenings all happening around the same time.

still, i managed to sneak in a slot to buy him a present for his birthday! I cannot remember the model number but i think it looks something like that.

credit: www.hp.com.sg

now, he can just lug this around in this sling bag whenever he travels and we can webcam! no more carrying huge laptops and lugging them around wasting precious luggage space.

okie. am damn hungry and going to grab a bite. haven’t munched on anything except a few pieces of chips this morning (vinegar and sea salts ones!).

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