the boy has gone overseas again, and the weekend alone has been great for me. I caught up with my sleep debt and have been sleeping BOTH saturday and sunday away!

so, it’s been eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep.. except that i went for the company bowling competition (finals) yesterday.

the competition went quite bad. for me at least. must be the fact that I don’t really know my team mates (at all), and it took me a while to warm up to them. our last game was the best with a team score of 655 (avg of 164/pax). if only we had played consistently like our 3rd game.

oh wells. it was quite a bit of fun nonetheless.

visited zazoom & clarie bear after the games at her house, and claire was so sweet looking! she’s the first baby addition to the team.. next up, a boy is coming!!

The baby was sleeping the entire time when we were there, and we managed to catch a few glimpse of her sticking out her tongue at us in her sleep! despite the din that we were mx was making, she didnt wake up at all.. but turned grumpy face in her sleep.

too cute!

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