christmas is over in a jiff.

there wasn’t anything exceptional about it, nor was i very happy to be spending the day. in the past, christmas was a special day.. because it will trigger the memories of mine some 13 years ago..

this year, there wasn’t any thoughts about those at all. maybe i have let those memories go. i spent christmas eve feeling a tad loss and distraught. stranded and sandwiched.

i thought about what i really want, but somehow.. i didn’t have a conclusion.

ushered the christmas day in with a midnight movie – I am legend. also went to pay respects to uncle on christmas day because he passed away on this day last year. and that was it.

nothing spectacular, nothing interesting. nothing happy about it.

but, the gifts that i have received have been overwhelming. i remembered i did a mobile post of the presents that was on my desk some days back. here’s a before and after picture of my desk.. on the 19 Dec before i went on leave and on the 27 dec, yesterday when i went back for the presentation.

and here are more presents that i got when i went to my manager’s house for a christmas party..

and here’s a list of the presents that i have received.. am really thankful for all that have thought of me.

1. a polka dot pink poodle pouch, a set of ice cream magnets and a leather cord necklace from juliana
2. personalized Zipit pouch from soo leng
3. a pair of cute chopsticks from boon kok/derrick
4. minnie mouse calendar/planner from adeline
5. 2 colorful and cute Gruppi Guppo pens by tay jie (loved these cos they will keep me entertained in meetings!!)
6. a mobile strap with my name from kara
7. Anna sui mini rouge and vouchers from charmaine
8. a bottle of highlighters from rain
9. a bottle of adidas eau de toilette from johnny
10. a pair of striped boxers from Wh in a cute hello kitty box and a jar of hazelnut chocolate from jen
11. a bag of marshmallows, toblerone chocolate and candy canes from donna
12. a Nutrendz magnetic memo clip from rachel
13. a fuchsia pink monkey plush keychain from sylvia
14. name card holder from virg
15. a mug from our call centre (Oops! i missed their party!)
16. Royce chocolate wafers from the agency girls – lee huang, xinyi and fiona
17. Body shop white mask shower gel and body lotion set from the agency girls – hwee min, alice and sim
18. a paper/photo clip from Clara hong
19. a baby eeyore sucker accessory from hamilton
20. a ball of chocolate from wendy
21. Winnie the pooh fruit flavoured candies from seow ying
22. fridge magnet from maggie
23. Anna sui Dolly girl perfume set from the printer
24. o.d.m watch and a nike water bottle from an angel

and adding to the list of the goodies that were left on my table (don’t know from who!!) is a bar of chunky kit kat, a pool of candies and mini cadbury chocolate bars, Walkers chocolate chunk biscuits, Beryl’s Black Bitter chocolates, and a box of Kjeldsens Butter cookies.

I also got a CD of christmas melodies and a box of Canele Butter Raisin Cookies. Now.. it looks like i’m gonna pile on some weight if i consume everything that i have received!

urgh! any volunteers to help me polish them off?

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