once again, i am fighting the urge to close my eyes at my desk in my very quiet office. there is a lot that i have to do today. much much more than i thought i needed to.

wish me luck. hopefully, i’ll be able to finish everything on time and head for a party.

party! did i say party? did you people read party?!? yes yes! party! party!

im heading to 1 fullerton right after work. popping by the Mars vs Venus party by Power 98. bringing shuyu along cos i rsvp and said i will be bringing a friend along. hee.

24 hr day seems really short for me these days. so many things to do, but im physically too tired and mentally too weak to accommplish all the task. i dozed off last night while working on project ding dong, before 10pm!

woke in the middle of the night feeling a little outta sorts, and cleared up the stuff before heading back to bed. and im still so tired this morning!

Grr. focus focus. i need to focus.