i am quivering very often in the office these days. it’s been raining for 3 days now. each morning, i snuggle in bed longer than usual cos it’s so cold to get out from under my blanket. each time i sleep with the aircon and fan on, and each morning, i shiver cos it’s raining. even the water from the taps are a lot colder than usual, tormenting my very sensitive teeth. it’s becoming such a chore to even brush my teeth properly!

it weird cos i used to love such days and enjoy the cold. maybe im getting weaker. or maybe it’s cos im not doing anything to heat up my body other than sitting here in front of the com and staring at papers and my monitor.

i miss winter in seattle. argh.

i want to travel so much. now the disappointment is hitting me when i think abt my cancelled japan trip. especially when i was supposed to be scheduled to fly yesterday or today.


if only.

i’m gonna go hungry today. i forgot to bring lunch. and i have nothing to eat! Oops.

and it seems there is no one i can date for lunch. *wails*