this morning, i probably took the longest time to bathe in the morning before i head out for work. i started bathing and was stunned when there was a relatively huge lizard crawling on my ceiling, looking like it’s gonna drop any time!

i am not usually afraid of creepy crawlers of such, but i remembered an incident when i was in primary 6. it was before dawn and i was bathing when the lizard fell onto my head (i JUMPED!), it dropped onto my shoulders (I BRUSHED it off), and it slid down my body and fell with a splat on my feet. it sent a tingling chill of yuckness (eeks, that slimy feel with water and soap on my body) into my spine and i still remember the feeling till today.

anyway, this morning, it stared at me with its huge beady eyes, and it actually circled my entire toilet perimeter 5 times! i had to bathe with my eyes on it the entire time, and turning my body to face it wherever it moves. i guess i feel extra vulnerable because i am naked.

when i was bending over the basin to wash my face, i jumped when i opened my eyes because the lizard was NO WHERE to be seen! i frantically scanned the toilet walls and saw it’s head peeking out from a pipe. i just had to quickly get out the moment i was done.

i ended up being late, having a bad hair day (didn’t blow my hair) by leaving the house with my hair wet, and with no makeup because i was already late and shufen was waiting downstairs to give me a ride to the office.


yeah. i’m totally creeped. and i feel so silly because im usually so gungho about them.

and oh, i also feel like screaming at the bloodless lizard and tell it to stop peeping at me bathe!

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