woke up yesterday and found myself crying like a baby. i couldnt move my legs! its scary and i cant walk! too painful! i was a little scared even, and i didnt hear from wei immediately after i msged him made me a lot more upset.

feeling so vulnerable here. thanks to those on msn whom i talked to. they made me feel a lot better and more at ease.

decided to pay my other uncle a visit, cos he’s a doc to have my condition checked out. and i got a torn ligament.

* ouch *

and the stubborn me, went to the zoo still. and the museum of flight. and up the space needle. my left leg was aching the whole time, cos i put my whole body pressure on it, lifting off whatever’s pressure on my right.

and now, my leg is swollen like an elephant’s trunk. i seriously have no idea how i am gonna make it back on the flight in 7 hours. and carry the heavy luggage! gosh. i hope it will turn out fine.