Am here at ikea with my brother to exchange some pots that my mum bought yesterday. The pots are hilarious., there are dents and the whole pot is totally outta shape! It's a set of 3 and the biggest pot looked like it melted into some gooey shape which was totally not visible with the packaging. My mum realized it only when she was washing it!

They had a good laugh over it.

I wanted to take a picture of it but my brother was too fast and returned it. =(

Anyway, point is.. They usually do a credit refund but my brother is too lazy to do a pick up, and requested to have a 1 to 1 exchange but the guy who assisted him preempted that it would take a while because he cannot reject any customer if they ask him anything on his way in. My brother gladly offered to run and take it himself, and leave it at the cashier counter for him to pick up and do the exchange.

My sole purpose of getting off the car and not waiting in it was to grab an ice cream, so before my brother ran in, I shouted across.. do you want an ice creammmmm? I go buy!! while heading towards to counter.

But.. I was stopped. By the guy. And he called my brother my husband. -_-"

Never mind that. He offered me a free ice cream because my brother went in instead. And I shamelessly said I wanted to buy 2. And he very nicely said sure.

And tadah!

Know what? I am we are happy customers.

Makes my day, really. So much so that I want to tell the whole world about their good service and dedicated my precious time and depleting batt life to write this entry.

Really, a little goes a long way. Especially when it comes to good customer service, which I think is pretty lacking on our tiny island.

Happy customer. =)

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