That’s what I am having for dinner tonight. The husband is gonna be home late from a team building karaoke session (he organized it and I secretly think its a planned getaway from the baby and my nagging). My brother doesn’t come home on Wednesdays so it’s just me and mum and I have decided to relieve my mum from cooking tonight, especially since we have a extremely cranky baby on hand.. Jerry unfortunately is running a fever today and I’m wondering if he has got the sick bug from me or that he is suffering from all that random knocks that he gets around these days.

I have been eyeing the tom yum favored instant noodles for a long time to come, so tonight is like the perfect night to get that craving satisfied.

For more than 20 years, I have been cooking my instant noodles in this sequence – water, noodles, seasonings and whatever ingredients thereafter.. But one fine day, I decided to turn the packaging around and read.. And gasp! The instructions had it as water, seasoning first then noodles… And I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I have been doing it wrong ALL THESE YEARS? Then again, I had been incredulous at that thought and noticed the packaging again every time after and I realize it’s different instructions with the different brands.

I have stuck back to the way that I cook my noodles simply because of convenience. And I usually like it with loads of vegetables and a runny egg. Tonight, I had my noodles with 2pcs of yong tao foo (tau kee to be exact), loads of red round spinach and the runny egg.

Happy meal.

So, tell me. How do you cook your instant noodles? And what ingredients are must have to go along?

I suddenly had a flash back about my brother screaming at me for throwing abalone into my instant noodles.. Heh. I do that on days I feel like indulging myself. Abalone slices or a whole can of pacific clams. I know. I am quite extreme.

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