Over the long weekend, we planned a trip to the zoo. We didn’t have much plans for the long weekend and thought it might do jerry some good to expose him to the animals and bring him out to for interaction with people instead of cooping up in the house with grandma all the time. We had grand plans of planning an activity every weekend!

So when kent told me that he is back in Singapore for good and kaka is here for a month-long exchange program, I said a meet-up is due! It was in their plans to visit the zoo during the weekend (kaka wanted to do it for the longest time) and so, I jumped on it as well and enrolled the husband and the kid.

A family shot, jerry was way too interested in the elephant statues instead.

A much better one!

His face is hilarious! Took this while we were having lunch. He was cranky (think from the heat) and refusing to settle (in pram or bjorn).

Rushing through lunch. Eating takes a whole new meaning to us as parents, because we never get to eat a peaceful meal anymore after the arrival of jerry.

Us and our tickets.. And a random stranger lightbulb between us. Argh.

And a random tidbit. Child below 3 years old is free, so it’s a good time to keep bringing them there!

Warthog. This is one animal jerry spent a lot of time staring at.. Wonder what was in his mind.

Kangaroos. He wasn’t the least interested.




The one thing I learnt on this trip that I never knew before was how to identify the spots on the jaguars, leopards and the cheetahs. Apparently, the jaguars’ spots are a complete ring, with a lighter dot within, the leopards spots are random and not complete rings and the cheetahs? They are just black dots that are consistent in color. Quite cool right?

Always expect a baby to sleep amidst all that happenings. Jerry napped for less than an hour while we spent time looking at orchids and some other animals.

I didn’t know orchids name came from the word orkids or some sort of similar spelling and mean testicles! I forgot the origin but makes me think about our national flower in a different perspective. Heh.

When the bub is awake, he had an up close and personal experience with a skink lemur (don’t know why the “skink” stuck to my head, its a lizard!). He reached out to touch but was stopped by der, for fear of being attacked.

Kenties and kaka..

Batman.. Returns?

Mr chubby cheeks in the butterfly enclosure. There were a lot less butterflies than I remembered it., and I thought it used to have those harmless tree snakes? Now it’s just ducks, bats, parrots and lemurs.

Giraffes! The real ones..

And the puppets ones that we saw on our way out.

All the kids are amused with the puppets!

Now, since when do giraffes have blue eyes? I got misled for a moment..

And that, marks the end of our little family outing. The animals reminded me of the south Africa trip that I find soooo amazing (and yet to finish blogging about). Another time then..

Am back to work today. The extended weekend that I had is refreshing and i love it that I spent loads of time with baby, cuddling and snuggling together, and falling asleep together! Looking forward to my next off day..

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