Right this moment, my mind’s racing for ideas on how to keep my highly mobile and active hyperactive kid away from harm. I learnt something new about motherhood – you’ll never stop worrying.

Anyway, I was playing word with friends this morning and my brain’s probably not awake yet.. After the early morning stint of trying to settle my hyper kid who is doing acrobatics and slamming his face against the cot at 6am in the morning.

All I could see was S.A.H.M.. Till now, I haven’t made my move yet because every single time I see the board.. I see that staring back at me.

Is it my calling?

Haha. I’m joking. I unfortunately belong to the group of mothers who has to keep my job regardless because there’s just not enough to go around (yet). Besides, we haven’t even gotten our own home and there’s the future renovation to think about.

I think the husband will freak out if he sees this post. Hopefully jolt him awake so that he’ll be more alert at work.

Meanwhile, I’m just content being amused at myself. And the situation.

And oh! Watching happy feet gala premiere tonight (thanks to work). It’s a much welcome break for the sick me.

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