it’s almost 10 days.. and i have yet the time to blog about it. here’s some pictures of the special day..

the church wedding. a very pretty affair and it’s been a long time since i last attended a church wedding. a Catholic wedding a first for me, and it’s so much more complicated than the usual church weddings that i go to. singing to some of the popular hymns, i was transported back to the school days where i used to sing them.. as well as my childhood church going days. sure brought quite a bit of memories for me.

with the lack of sleep the night before, i was struggling to stay awake under the freezing aircon and the constant singing, and after the affair.. i headed straight to jen’s house, picked up my stuff and headed home to FLOP!

come dinner. the wedding was grand and handsome with a black/red theme as decor. i love jen’s hand bouquet and here are some pictures i snapped!

the full set of pictures can be seen here.

*phew* finally done with uploading them into my flickr set.

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