this year, i feel guilty about NOT PLANNING his birthday celebration. after the huge spongebob party last year (read about the preparations here), we were simply too overwhelmed with the other events of our lives (caring for a new baby, renovations works, overseas biz trip and reservist for der etc) to find time prepping for it. i had grand ideas of giving him a polw celebration in sentosa but realised that i don’t know enough kids to send invitation to (party package starts from 20 kids onwards).

so, we did nothing except to plan for a family only celebration, together with my nephew Levon who’s birthday falls on the same day. this year, we also had my niece brenda joining us, who was born one day before jerry. I promised myself that i would make it up to Jerry next year, when we would already be staying in our own abode, and he probably would have more kiddy friends his age to send invitations to.

Since it’s a family only affair, there isn’t much fan fare. We had steamboat dinner with loads of food at my aunt’s place that’s just a couple of blocks away from me. That is also where my nephew lives, and the de facto location for all our family gathering.

it was nice seeing everyone’s faces and we had loads of laughter between us cousins. here’s some pictures of the day!

Levon & Brenda, the birthday duo, receiving their presents from me!

jerome, sleeping soundly despite the noisy environment.

brenda cuts her cake! Brenda shares her cake with my cousin, dylan (but he was freaking late) so we cut Brenda’s side of the cake because she needs to have an early bedtime.

blowing out her candle with her mum, Mabel and brother, bruce. dad is in shanghai working, so not pictured. Levon stares by the side wondering why he isnt cutting the cake instead.

Jerry & levon’s cake. the 2 boys are mad over thomas the train so this couldn’t have been a better cake for them. I even bought 2 thomas mega bloks toys to be placed on top so no snatching allowed (but boys being boys, the snatching still happened).

our family photo!

Levon gets a shot with his dad, my cousin Nick.

the 2 birthday boys on their own.

I wonder what was going in Jerry’s head! He looks like he’s irritated with Levon. Hahaha.

the candle gets lighted..

blowing the candle. Took a long time for them to blow it off. Jerry was so gentle with his blowing.. the flame hardly flickered!

i hope they grow up to love each other and be the best buds!

we finished up all the entire cake in seconds.. and waited for the last birthday boy to arrive. to be fair, it was meant to be a surprise for him but we didnt realised he wasnt coming until that evening. we snapped a picture of his cake and guilt tripped him into coming… he was actually out on a movie date with GF!!

the birthday boy, Dylan. and no, that’s not his gf. it’s his niece, phoebe.

that pretty much ended the day’s celebration. i was too hungry and started eating non stop once i arrived so there were no picture of the steamboat dinner. heh.

and here’s what we got jerry for his birthday!

he loves it!

p.s. all pictures are taken using sony rx100, except the picture of dylan taken using my HTC one X.