18th dec, sunday, 10.30am

we took the train in from tanjong pagar even tho my house is only 15 mins drive from the causeway. the reason? to beat the queues at the customs cos there was one year where i had to wait 1.5 hrs only to have moved only 20 metres max and still 80 metres away from the custom officer when the luncheon already started.. and my retired uncle had to call his ex-colleague to do him a favor by coming out all the way, and fetching me right to a closed custom line (very much like a criminal), so that i can beat the queues, get my passport stamped and enter the m-land.

since then, my mum reckon cab fares to tanjong pagar + train tickets in JB is much much worth the trouble than having me queue like a statue at the customs.

omg! omg! check out the jams of the cars trying to get back into singapore at 11+ in the morning! the jam wasnt any better when i headed back to sing in the evening.

the journey back on foot…

i am so So so much faster than the cars/buses/motorbikes can? sometimes, having wheels isnt too much a good thing eh? hee.