yay! i just put my leave form in for submission.. and i sorta depleted all the leave that i have.. 11 days left for the year, 10 of which to carry forward to next year..

so that leaves me 1 more day to play around.. of cos, i already have planned my leave right up to end year.. and so.. i won’t be working on the following dates!

9 jul
23 – 26 jul
3 aug
21 dec
24 dec
26 – 28 dec
31 dec

am thinking of taking leave on the 17 dec as well.. since it’s cat’s wedding on the 16th.. but i shall keep that 1 day leave flexible for now and play with it when the time comes! 🙂

happy happy! and whoooopeedooo! it’s lunch time! can you tell i’m a chirpy bird today?

*dreams about hong kong trip*