the weekend have slipped away and i’m down to the last couple of hours to “relax”. gosh, why does time pass so fast every weekend?

the week at work was quite good. not much of late work, cos i simply refused to make myself work later than 7pm! so here’s how i spent the weekday nights..

tue – met belle for dinner at toa payoh. loads of natters, gossips, munchies and fun.. thanks ray for the dinner treat!

wed – F4 movie premier with the colleagues. quite a nice show and late night sushi dinner!

thur – seafood dinner at changi. i am sucha happy girl!! had my favourite flower crabs and cockles.. yum yum! all thanks to the sweet boy.

fri – agency dinner with the company. hmm.. dinner was so so, but the highlight for me was the touching speech my manager made to thank her team (yes me! part of it, that is..) for all the efforts that we have put in, the extra hours and the overtime. i was really touched, and for one god-damn fucking year.. i finally felt that my hard work has been well worth the effort. if only she could do stuff like that more often.. i sure would be very motivated on the job. spent the rest of the night karaoke-ing away at party world..

sat – sleep, eat, nap, eat, sleep and another round of F4. havent watch a movie twice for the longest time, but there wasn’t any more movies to watch and the boy wanted to watch.

sun – scrabble, sleep, snack, vcds.. and gosh.. it’s almost over.

can the next weekend come tomorrow pleaaaaase?! 🙁

anyway, manage to sort out some pictures in my cammie..

the emcees for Kristy & Wenhao’s wedding on 27 May 2007

me all dressed up for benson’s wedding.. ok. everyone in the office thought i was the “sisters” or something.. Grrr…

some beer and snacks by the sea in pasir ris park.. now that’s what i call enjoyment…

our reflection on the dirty car.. ha!

ok. have been really busy and lazy for collages. will blog more when i have the time and energy. it’s din din time. 🙂