the ban on exercising is getting to me. it’s been only 7 days since and i am feeling so restless.

*stares at hula hoop*

sigh. just when i thought i have the perfect opportunity to spend some me time, to go swimming, blading, or whatever.. i cannot do a single thing.

so, been drifting in and outta bed today. not sure why i am so tired. i cannot seemed to get enough sleep.

i enjoy waking up and heading to the market on weekend. do you enjoy going to the markets? as in wet markets? shall create a poll and check it out later.

me? i prefer the wet markets. it just a totally different experience in getting those vegetables, and stuff. i also realised today that the market is filled with aunties and i hardly see anyone around my age shopping in there. will it be extinct in time to come? as the stall owners grow older and they wind up the business… as the younger generation frequents the supermarket more…

i mean, i like supermarkets too. it’s convenience that i get to enjoy, and oh. aircon. i can get stuff that’s imported. like my favourite japanese mayonnaise and sesame sauce etc. it’s a one-stop shop for everything that you need (ok, not everything! but you get the gist).

but somehow, i have a strange fondness of buying stuff in wet markets. maybe it because since young, i follow my mum to the market everyday and till this day, i can still remember how much i hated it when i was a kid. how smelly i found the market to be, and how fascinating i would be, standing at the chicken stall staring at how the chickens are being slaughtered (dunked into hot water, removal of the feathers), or how the fish mongers “de-scale” the fishes (is there a proper term?). and when i grow up to be a primary school kid, my mum decided she would be lazy and sends me to the market everyday to acquire the stuff that she wants.

today, a mere 15 minutes trip left me with about $40 poorer. i had cravings for kway tiao and mee soup, so i told my mum that i will be going to the market to get the ingredients for her to cook. i ended up buying:
– half roasted duck ($11)
– $10 worth of roasted meat (my favourite!)
– $2.80 worth of kway tiao, yellow noodles and bean sprouts
– $3 worth of vegetables (choy sum and spinach) to last 2 days
– 2 fish cake ($1)
– $3 worth of fresh “silver fish” (literal translation here)for steaming
– 1kg worth of “zhuk zhuk” (a type of shell fish) at $6

so accomplished. and i have loads to eat today!

i didnt enjoy the noodles in the end cos my mum forgot to tell me she ran out of meat and she cooked it with seafood.. which i didn’t like at all. =(

i know. i know. i shouldn’t complain cause my mum put in effort to cook right? that’s why i only complain here.. a place that she doesn’t know and won’t ever come. and even when she does, she can’t read more/understand most of what is written here anyway.

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