my mum just called and somehow, looking at the time.. the first thing that came to my mind was.. did something bad happen?

and my worry was more for her.

don’t ask me how i know, i just had the sudden feeling it was bad news.

well, she was a sobbing mess and she managed to say that my grand aunt just passed away and that i have to attend the funeral in msia over the weekend and on monday.

i just checked with HR and i am NOT entitled to compassionate leave (because she’s aunt, not ma), and oh wells, i texted my boss and applied for annual leave anyway.

I just saw her 2-3 weeks ago at my grandpa’s birthday. she still seemed relatively well.

now, the only thing that’s on my mind is how my granduncle and my grandpa is taking the news.

argh. i wish i could just drop my work sometimes.

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