I’m like on a food binge marathon to stuff down all the things that I like and won’t be able to eat during confinement and the next few months (seafood).

Everyone in the family has been much amused by me, acceding to my requests (oh so loved) and I’ve been rather happy!

Flower crabs. Had these 2 weekends in a row.. Honestly, they are so much nicer than crabs because they are oh-so-sweet! Best eaten when steamed plain. Easy and fuss free to prep, and ready to eat within minutes!

Ice cream! This is my favourite ice cream, from Korea! I first had it when I was in vietnam, I was so hooked.. I got everyone in the family to like it too and we were searching for it everyday during the vietnam trip.. Turns out, I influenced the entire tour group (they cannot comprehend why this weird family is buying the same ice cream everyday and bring more back to the hotel) to like it. Hilarious sight really, and the shops there were amazed at the rate their fridges were raided. Years later, I found these at some of the Korean specialty shops in Singapore and always grab a few when I see it. It’s a fish sandwich filled with vanilla and red bean paste. Found these at one shop on marina square last night and bought 7pcs back. Even hubby agrees that it’s nice (ok, I have also since ‘infected’ my mil, fil and sil on this ice cream some time last year too!). If you do see it, try it! Yummy. But it’s not cheap tho. Bought these at $2.30 ea last night, some places sell up to $3.

Durian – I had cravings but my hubby say I cannot eat anymore for fear that my baby is too big and I need to do a caesarean delivery.

I know, I sound like a greedy glutton!

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