we had an indulge-in-ourselves lunch last thursday! what else did i do other than stuff myself silly? but, i think we seriously need a good pat on the back after the event and have a nice and good lunch after a long time of eating packed lunches.

i didn’t really take a lot of pictures lah. was too engrossed in eating instead. lunch was at xin wang cafe…

my 2 partners in crime.

food really cheers me up tremendously. next time you see me frowning or feeling depressed, just bring me to where the good food are!

between the 3 of us, we had a thick kaya butter toast, dim sum of pork ribs, siew mai and egg tarts, and a big bowl of noodles each. mine was the gong-zai soup noodle with egg and pork floss. yummy. it’s absolute indulgence with a big mug of iced milk tea…

only to end up with the rest of the day feeding pukey. think my stomach really cannot take my favourite drink. the gastic is doing me in. 🙁

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